Be Careful Who You Quote

Montana Senator Llew Jones recently expressed concern about out-of-state special interest groups who seem to be pouring dollars into Montana to influence legislators and voters. He described Montana as a “cheap date” because of its low population numbers, and therefore as an easy place for outside political organizers to swoop in and influence state politics. He…
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Local NRA Lobbyist Compares Gun Control Initiative to Nazi Policy

ADL, Pacific Northwest Region, expresses concern about comments made by a National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbyist who invoked the Holocaust and Nazi Germany when discussing the I-594 gun control initiative in Washington State….
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Tell Your Senators to Stand Up Against Global Anti-Semitism Now

This is a critical time for the Senate to speak out against the rise of shocking and violent anti-Semitic attacks in Europe….
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Cyberhate Response

Read about ADL’s new Best Practices for Combating Cyberhate >>…
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